I needed to lose weight part 1

I started this draft last December. Since I have decided to give blogging another shot, I think it is appropriate to post this and add follow ups as time allows. I am starting my MSN/Ed next week and will probably incorporate some of the study topics in order to keep the blog alive during the school year. Perhaps I should have added my BSN journey into the blog, but I was too busy reading other people’s blogs in my off time and lost interest. Anyhoo, here is the beginning of the story that recently changed my life’s direction, revived my dreams, and awakened new goals.

On June 1st 2010, topping the scale at 305-310 pounds, my BMI was over 40. Feeling exhausted all the time, having difficulty breathing, a poor view of myself, I had had enough. A friend told me about a book, The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise. I read it, put it to work, and lost 8-10 pounds the first two weeks. Fascinated, I continued down this path and began studying fat metabolism, I discovered Good Calories Bad Calories written by Gary Taubes. It is a premier critical analysis of the last two centuries questioning the scientific method and resulting policies of diet, health, and exercise. In it he argues quite convincingly how insulin is a primary driver behind obesity and western diseases.

Needless to say, I severely restricted any source that increased my serum glucose and the pounds kept coming off. I weighed myself every day and noticed weight coming off almost a pound a day for the first two months. The next two months averaged under a half pound a day.

My hunger cravings for sugar and flour had subsided after eliminating wheat one month into the weight loss. The weight keeps coming off, even now. It is effortless, albeit much slower. My BMI is just over 25 and will be in the normal range in early 2011. Energy levels have increased significantly and my brain fog has lifted.