Our Bodies, Our Hope

Our bodies are muddy vestiges of decay.

Of this I am now most sincerely and continuously aware.

My spirit and body attest to this:

being justified and saved from sin,

sanctified and cleansed from sin,

bearing the consequences of this sin

in my body

until the end.

Praise be to God, for there is a better hope

For the law made nothing perfect,

but the bringing in of a better hope did;

by the which we draw nigh unto God.

(Hebrews 7:19)

We must strive wholly for this better hope.

Unwavering as we are made more perfect

Resting in God’s Holiness and peace.

Rejoicing evermore.

Praying without ceasing.

And in every thing, giving thanks:

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

(I Thess. 5:16-18).

Let those in Christ rejoice

for our salvation is nearer than before.

For we are merely sojourners in this land.

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